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Proelium Games is creating Augmented Reality Role Playing Games

My name is Ramon and I want to make Augmented Reality Games!

With over 5 years of Graphic Design / Web Design experience in New York City. I currently work with a small Design Company called Creative Designs NYC. A friend of mine Pauly and I have been developing this concept for an Augmented Role Playing Game we call Proelium AR. Proelium is a Latin word for Battle.

Proelium AR is a fun and fast paced Two Player D&D style Card Game with an Augmented Reality twist. Based on popular Role Playing Games, Proelium uses only a normal deck of 52 cards and can be played offline with a pencil and paper. When linked to our online app, scores are displayed and interactive animated characters appear hovering above the cards The App will keep track of Hero Cards, Attacks, Defenses and Hit Points. As well as fun Interactive Animations with Magical Effects.

The Story So Far…
At the beginning of history, the Good King Velhalian of the Northern united the 8 Tribes in an war against the invading forces of Khaos and his Army of the Undead. The Alliance was Victorious in Repelling the Invaders and collecting the Ion Stones from the defeated generals. However, the once lush continent was destroyed and cities flattened, there was much work to be done. The battle weary King Velhalian gave up his crown in exchange for an end to the destruction, asking representatives from each tribe to join a council. Knowing that the enemy had been repelled, not defeated, the wise king renamed the Land Praelium and called for a battle of might and magic called Proelium as a rite of passage to insure they must always be vigilant. The land of Praelium has been at relative Peace for over 300 Hundred years. The once warring tribes still settle their disagreements through the Council and hold the Proelium Tournament of Heroes. As time goes by the Good King and his efforts have begun to be regarded more as legend than history. Yet, there are true believers. In the Proelium, Each tribe chooses three Heroes to represent them in a series of battles for dominance. The winners are awarded one of the sacred Eon Stones and the losers are recruited as the battles continue. In the end, only one tribe will be victorious. Those Heroes will lead in defense of the Realm until the next Tournament. Meanwhile, sinister forces have begun to show themselves. The new followers of Khaos have begun to secretly recruit the Tribes with a promise that the winner of this Proelium with be ruler for all time.

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Play the Latest Game Demo:

Please note that this is a Proof of Concept Demo to show that the game functions as advertised. All Characters and story will be in the final game and all 3D Models in this demo will be replaced with new original models.

For now, This demo is for educational purposes only. Hope you love it as much as we do.

Big shout out to Fahir, main tutor, programmer and leader of Awesome Tuts Teaching People How To Make Games And Apps. I learned so much from watching these videos and used a lot of his 3d Models in creating this so far.

I emailed this page to Fahir of Awesome Tuts and he responded right away! This is what he said about Proelium AR:

“Man this looks amazing I really love it, it’s truly inspirational and I hope this will turn out into something HUGE, in fact, I am sure of it. I love to see people create amazing things like this, and you are on the right way to create something big. Keep moving forward and thank you for your support!!!!”

– Received on 09/22/18 : D