Proelium AR Demo Game Storyboards 01


This is the original storyboard layout for The Proelium AR Demo Game Version 01

A fun and fast paced Two Player Card Game with an Augmented Reality twist. Based on popular Role Playing Games, ARPG uses a normal deck of 52 cards and can be played offline with a pencil and paper. When linked to our online app, scores are displayed and interactive animated characters appear hovering above the cards. Load the Player Names into the App and point your Viewer at the Play Area to Track the Game. The App will keep track of Hero Cards, Attacks, Defenses and Hit Points. As well as fun Interactive Animations with Magical Effects. Or go Old School and using a medium sized piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and put the Player Names above each half. Below each Players Name, Make three sections, one for each Players Hero Cards and label them them: King, Queen & Jack. Leave lots of room to Track the Hero’s Health Points.

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